Then, as we traveled home after the funeral, we stopped on Interstate 80. As I sat on the guard rail looking down the embankment where the accident took place, I realized it was the very place I had admired for so many years, and the peace I had asked the Lord for began..... He brought to mind things that had taken place over the past few years.

Unfortunately, we had taught our children a lot of religion (do's and don'ts) but we did not show them much of the love of the Lord or teach them how to have a personal relationship with him. Our son saw we did not live what we preached and it turned him off. He left home as a teenager and for several years, we had little contact with him. He went through rough times, bad relationships, etc.

In 1995 he married a wonderful girl who loves the Lord. His life began to turn around. We grew very close and became good friends, not just parents and son. The Lord gave us the chance to ask our son to forgive the mistakes we made in the past and to make a fresh start.

About a year before this, his truck rolled over coming off an exit ramp. He walked away without a scratch. He told us then he
KNEW the Lord was with him.

YOU SEE, he had asked the Lord into his heart at an early age. The verse in Hebrews 13:5 which says "I will never leave thee or forsake thee" really is true. Although Grinch left the Lord to live his own way, the Lord never left him. He had been watching over Grinch all those years waiting for him to put control of his life back in God's hands.

So, why now that his life was coming together would it be taken away? We do not know.

However, we do know this.
THE PROMISES OF GOD ARE TRUE. Grinch is with the Lord and we will see him again!

Why are we telling you all this?

Because we truly believe that the only purpose for being on this earth is to worship and bring glory to God.

If one person comes to know the Lord from Grinch's story or this web page, then he has served the purpose God intended for him on this earth, even through his death.

We want each and every driver to have the same peace and assurance that Grinch had when they reach the end of life's highway.

Sunset photo courtesy of www.transalive.com.
Used by permission.

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