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JUNE 1966 ~ OCT 1999

Dearest Son:

It's been a long and painful road
winding back to you.
I'm remembering the sorrow
I have been going through.
Your sudden absence left a hole
deep within my heart.
I could not accept the thought
that we should have to part.

I looked for reason and for blame,
Now that my life was not the same.
My heart, then filled with pain and anger,
as I had never known,
Searching hard for answers
that to me were still unknown.

Today, I've stumbled on some truths;
that have opened up my eyes.
My heart has opened up again
to let new love inside.
Along came understanding
and a willingness to hide,
all pain and anger long over due,
for a new place to reside.

I remember you so fondly,
but now can let you go.
I find no need to search for blame,
and answers I can't know.
You'll always have my love with you
and yours is here with me;
Till that day we're reunited in blissful eternity.

Mom and Dad

The author of this poem is unknown.
If you know who wrote it, please let me know
so I can obtain proper permission to use it.